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Mobile ads and in-store purchase

The importance of instancy

One of the major challenge and opportunity in mobile advertising is the instancy. As the mobile will play more important role in customer experience and decision journey (detailed on this blog previously at Customer experience journey on mobile), the moment of truth in the journey will occur when the smartphone is at hand. Mobile advertising has and will have the final impact whether customer will convert to purchase or not.

However mobile advertising is considered an effective way to reach customers, but being able to link it immediately to an in-store purchase opportunity when customer is at the store, is crucial to final purchase conversion.

Mobile coupons

According to Marchex and Digiday survey for the US market, almost two-third of marketers said, mobile coupons are the most effective method for attributing in-store purchase opportunities to mobile ads.

More than 80% of customers redeem mobile coupons or code through mobile devices when shopping online or offline. Further, mobile coupons are one of the most valuable tools in mobile advertising. More than the 40% of US companies with more than hundred employees used mobile coupons for marketing purposes in this year. And according to eMarketer, this number will grow more than 7% for 2017.


Beacons are an other effective tool for attributing in-store purchase to mobile ads, however retailers use it less frequently than mobile coupons. According to Lightspeed research, around one third of the surveyed retailers said some likelihood implementing beacons in store. This does not sound a rising new technology at retail industry.

Final thoughts

Anyway, the importance of mobile advertising, the request of converting targeted prospects to customers when shopping and the brand's message at hand; and mobile coupons cheapness to distribute makes mobile coupons one of the most effective mobile marketing tool. According to eMarketer estimations, digital coupon redemption will achieve $123M in 2015, in which mobile coupon redemption will exceed $97M with an approximately 18% growth in 2015 in the US market.

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