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Engagement to mobile advertising

Today mobile marketers are constantly challenged about how to get customer to opt-in and engaged with mobile advertising. When audiences seeing an advertising that is really working and meet all the requirements towards to them, never consider it as an opportunity to be with the brand, even for a shorter time period.

All we know, customers are love - even live - with their mobile devices. But it does not translated to loving their mobile advertising.

So mobile advertising is really easy comes easy goes...?

Absolutely not. Mobile advertising could engage customer for a long(er) period, just use it in a right way.

The rule of mobile advertising engagement

The main rule of to engage customers to mobile advertising is reciprocity.

In reciprocity - as part of influencing - it is assumed that one person do or intend to repay what other person has provided.

In mobile advertising this is the preliminary trust by the customer. The trust that has to be repaid by brand, when it was able and allowed to send a message to customer's most personal device, the mobile phone. If this rule is not followed, no engagement, no further messages are allowed, customer will opt-out, and the brand-to-customer relationship on mobile will be broken very fast.

When advertising on mobile, the marketer. from customer perspective, the "mobile has to know" who is the customer, and what tangible value are expected for receiving the mobile advertising,

Tangible values differ customers by customers, but it can be grouped into three main categories, time, usefulness and engagement.  How much time does it take and is it worth it? Is it something I or my family will use it, or to be interested? Is it (the ad itself) informative and entertaining? These are the questions those have to be answered when planning engagement in mobile advertising.

The tools for mobile advertising engagement

Taking into consideration the tangible value, reward-based tools are the most preferred by customers. And in this case, rewards are taken into consideration in the most wider perspective.

These tools are:

  • gifts
  • coupon and discounts
  • points to contents
  • virtual currency
  • participation opportunity to events
  • access to exclusive content / free games / environment / song&videos

Final thoughts

And at the end, it has to be mention, tricks and gimmicks are do not work. It left the customers feel cheated, betrayed and empty....

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