2015. november 18., szerda

Facebook's growth thanks to mobile ads

Statista the leading international statistic portal on the Internet has just published on the 5th of November, 2015, Facebook's growth is fueled by mobile advertising; and mobile ad revenue becomes Facebook's largest segment.

This data is interesting and surprising at the same time, because it drops Alphabet (Google) thinking about how a social platform should acquire and retain advertisers more successfully than Google. Further taking into consideration that simple fact, Facebook has just started selling advertising about three years ago, and industry experts were not even sure about the success of the decision.

But the decision was right, and it has been generating revenue from mobile advertising to Facebook, more and more as graph below illustrates.

Only one thing is sure, it can not be known who would be the winner on the mobile advertising battlefield, but right now it seems to be mobile advertising is Facebook's business. But I assume the war is not over...

Tibor Nemes

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