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Major mobile ad trends for 2016

In a few days 2015 coming to close, many industry professionals and gurus reflect on the year passed by and looking toward a year ahead about soon-to-be trends in mobile advertising. Many studies, researches and analyses have been published recently, below I summarize the top ones in which all professionals agree.

#1 Bypassing intermediaries

As big technology giants, like Google and Facebook extended their ad services, and playing both seller and buyer of their own media, encouraged other players to offer independent platform with more transparency in process. The demand of advertisers for greater transparency in media costs, ad types, placements etc. reduces the "go-between" connection of advertisers to customers that demystifies what is happening the the 'black box'. With additional platforms option for programmatic buying, advertisers will have the opportunity to gather data, target across platforms and more experiment to vary ad units. For this, advertisers have to make a first priority to cultivate their own first-party data.    

#2 Cross-device targeting 

However cross-device solutions is a great opportunity and challenge for the industry, there is no a true leading solution on the market. This means advertisers should to look for different third party solutions to leverage their first-party data to have the best approach to cross-devices targeting. Different ad platform solutions that include data management platform capabilities also could shortcut the process between multiple data source leverage and audiences targeting. 

#3 Ad-blocking

Many and more researches, studies have intended to forecast the effect of ad blocking solutions in mobile advertising. Due to it is quite new on market, advertisers should have wait and track the results over the next few quarters before over- or underestimating the effect of ad blocking.

#4 Ad units and engagement

In the next year, popular ad units will continuously evolve and change. With the main focus on customer experience, advertisers will use more native ads that are less disruptive for customers; further, they will make investments in those ad units that better fit to the given medium, engage customers more effectively and maximize distraction. On the other side of this coin, publishers also test and implement new native ad units that drive higher customer engagement and of course improve revenue to them. 

Anyway, anything will happen in mobile advertising industry, that is all clear for all,  2016 (and 2017 also and 2018 also and so on...) will be the year of mobile advertising. And this tendeny will lead to by 2018, according to ZenithOptimedia prediction, mobile advertising will have the second biggest contribution to global ad spend after television, and will overtake desktop internet advertising.

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