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Actuals - What appened in mobile adveristing at the begining of 2016

Let's start the 2016 with two important news, that could be more than interesting to industry professionals and representatives.

Microsoft possible acquisition of Inmobi

According to unconfirmed reports and industry rumors, Microsoft could be very close to acquire Indian mobile advertising company, Inmobi. If we believe the rumors regarding the acquisition, Microsoft - despite sold mobile advertising business in 2015 - is still keen on having strong position on the mobile advertising market. Due to preliminary evaluation, after the acquisition Microsoft could be the second biggest player in mobile advertising concerning revenue after Google AdMob, and with a very strong representation on important markets, like Chine and India.

Inmobi has been asking around a $2bn price, which almost twice that Google rumored intended to paid at last year. However Microsoft spokesperson has not comment on it, with this acquisition Microsoft would be a strong competition to Google's Admob, Facebook Audience Network and AOL's Millennial Media.

Apple closes iAD

At the begining of January, Apple has posted on company's developer site, after six years the company is shutting down iAD advertising network on the 30th of June, 2016. The close has not happened as surprise, due to Apple CEO Tim Cook said, iAD is a very small part of Apple business, while iAD captured only about 8% revenue share of mobile display advertising in 2015, according to eMarketer.

There are many guess about what will happen with Apple's mobile advertising business. Some industry experts say, company probably will automate processes and let developers to submit advertising directly.

Concerning the close, it is more interesting to mention Daniel Eran Dilger theory published on Apple Insider. It says iAD close is just a part of a much bigger strategy to crush Google. According to the theory, Apple is ready to stop playing in those mobile advertising fields, where Google has significant advantage, and instead begins to leverage its strong position in hardware in relation with mobile advertising. This hypothesis is backed with that, according by Goldman Sachs's analyst Heather Bellini, about 75% of Google's mobile advertising revenue comes from Apple devices. Anyway, the theory seems to be little constrained, it is noteworthy Apple could hurt Google, if the company comes back to mobile advertising business in any way.

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