2016. február 17., szerda

Twitter introduced conversation ads

There is no doubt, mobile becomes the most important channel for social media. Over the few years, Internet usage and the access to social media moved from web to mobile devices, increasing the request to adapt social network to mobile media, also adapt advertising on social networks to mobile media.

Importance of mobile to Twitter

Both Facebook and Twitter have created more mobile friendly user interfaces, mobile web and applications. Statista made a research on how users use Facebook and Twitter and for how long.

The chart suggests that, mobile is more important to Twitter than Facebook. The average Twitter user uses smartphone app more than three hours per month, which is much higher rate comparing to PC than in the same comparison for Facebook.

Conversational ads on Twitter

Previously, marketers used promoted tweets to improve brand engagement, with compelling images, videos and hashtags, that drive likes, follows and retweets. In conversational ads, message includes a customized call-to-action buttons with hashtags in order to encourage customer engagement. In the process, when the call-to-action button is tapped, it opens a brand messages accompanied by the creative and the hashtag button, and customer receives a message from the brand for having engaged. And finally, the new tweet appears on followers' timeline with the brand video, photo.

This conversation ads drive earned media for the brand with no costs, but could result a much higher ROI also.

Conversational ads are currently available in beta, and for selected advertisers.

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